3 Biggest Blocks to Living Your Soul Purpose

3 Biggest Blocks to Living Your Soul Purpose
Did you know your Soul’s purpose is blocked?

You have a blueprint encoded within your energetic makeup. Codes and patterns embedded in your mind, and LightBody that are there to remind you of your purpose.
These activate at different times in life. I call them “Soul Triggers”.
Sometimes events, locations, cosmic events, or certain people trigger it.
Sometimes a failure, breakdown, betrayal, or illness triggers it...

We have been told a big lie. 
We’ve been led to believe that if we are aligned with our Soul’s purpose everything would be rosy and easy and we would simply frolic through life.
Not true. Did you ever notice some of the people who are really on their path had really difficult lives?
In fact, we bring fears, challenges, and deeply painful contracts and vows with us from other lives into this life - ON PURPOSE.
Everything you have experienced is on the path of your Soul. Yes, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
However, it does not mean you have to suffer forever or keep repeating the same fear patterns or abusive relationships. You can become connected and receive more guidance to ease the journey.
It does not mean you are doomed to poverty, struggle, or hard work. 
It does mean that you need to listen to your inner voice and NOT to all the loud voices around you (family, media...).
It does mean it’s time to learn to read the clues and rise above the idea of lack and failure.

Once you become aware you are on a grand adventure - a journey with your Soul, things do not suddenly become perfect.
People do not all love you and apologize and want to support you! 
However, it does make it different and more meaningful.

I want to invite you to do a Soul Session with me. Get clear and on your path now while the big energies are downloading onto the planet and you can work with them!

I want you to reconnect and realize you ARE an enormous Soul with a purpose, and a blueprint and guides, and skills, and strengths and wisdom
3 Biggest Blocks to Living Your Soul Purpose
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