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Infinity Light Weaving

Infinity Light Weaving with Akasha

Creating a Spiritual Basis to Living Your Ultimate Success

Creating a Spiritual Basis to Living Your Ultimate Success with Debra Poneman

Light Language Energy Healing

Light Language Energy Healing with Audrey Light Language

Getting Rid of Trauma Tap by Tap

Getting Rid of Trauma Tap by Tap with Dr. Ronja Vieth

The Secret Energy of your Aura

The Secret Energy of your Aura with Raquel Reyna

Ho'oponopono - The Easiest Way

Ho'oponopono - The Easiest Way with Mabel Katz

Psychic Protection Without Protection

Psychic Protection Without Protection with Colby Wilk

Put Love in where Love is Missing

Put Love in where Love is Missing with Liora C. Brunn

Healing Blessings from Gaia

30 minute guided healing meditation audio with my special Akasha remix sound healing music The music also runs an extra 30 minutes for additional relaxing and healing after the healing garden experience. Connect with nature spirits, elementals, animals, and loving Gaia. Receive healing, messages, guidance, and transformation. Guided Meditation journey, emotional and mental block clearing, LightBody Healing, rejuvenating music & sound healing. Heal and relax with this lovely meditation to lift you from the chaos and bring you into the heart of Gaia for love and nurturing.


Max Your Human! Re- Center, Re-Set, & Re-Charge: Being Healthy, Happy, & Harmonious Through Any Crisis with Alan Davidson

Be The Best Version of You

Be The Best Version of You with Alara Canfield

Manage Your Mind During these Stressful Times

Manage Your Mind During these Stressful Times with Cathy Herring

4 Steps to Heal Your Energy Body

4 Steps to Heal Your Energy Body with Rhys Thomas

Subconscious Mind Protection

Subconscious Mind Protection with Dr. Mitchell Gibson

Melt Money Fears

Melt Money Fears with Akasha

Medical Intuition

Medical Intuition with Wendie Colter

Living Radically Authentic: The Secret to a Joyful Life

Living Radically Authentic: The Secret to a Joyful Life with Lisa Wilson

The Medicine of Mantra: Music Is Medicine

The Medicine of Mantra: Music Is Medicine with Miten

The Alchemy of Transforming Fear and Ending Dark Fantasies

The Alchemy of Transforming Fear and Ending Dark Fantasies with John Wyrick

Accelerated Healing with Quantum-Touch

Accelerated Healing with Quantum-Touch with Richard Gordon

Energy Medicine in the Indigo Age

Energy Medicine in the Indigo Age with Titanya Dahlin

Master your Emotions In any Situations

Raise your vibration on demand! Master Your Mind, Mood, Money, and Manifesting by understanding the Energy Shifting Tools that allow you to rise up the Scale of Emotional Consciousness on demand. It's so important to be able to not only master your own emotions but direct them so that you can create and live the life your soul intended.

My Fav Sound Healing for Troubled Times

This sacred vibration, from the words and intent will purify karma, eliminate illness and prevent calamities. It is protective and cleansing and is considered optimal to listen to or say especially when dying or ill, stressed or fearful. The planet could be bathed in this right now!

7 Top Natural Healing Immune Boosting Tools

Boosting your immune system and your mood are super important right now. As you know your immune system requires a happy, positive, strong mind as well as healthy food, and nutrients that can be found in plants, teas, roots, herbs, and many natural healing modalities.

Fear & Coronavirus

We live in interesting times. Uncertainty and worldwide panic is arising over the Coronavirus. It is time to STOP the spread of fear as well as the virus. You are the one in charge of your emotions, even if it doesn't feel like it. Emotions like fear can make you MUCH more susceptible to disease and viruses. Fear Spreads Faster Than Any (Corona) virus! In this new podcast I stopped my current conversation (Pineal Awakening – which BTW helps fear, panic, and health) and am focusing on the FEAR that has run rampant and how to stop it so you can raise your life force, not drain it.

DMT & Your Pineal

DMT occurs naturally in many animals and plants including humans. It is secreted by the pineal at key moments like birth, death and near-death experiences. It opens your consciousness to other dimensions, colors, realities, knowledge. DMT can also be activated in the pineal by an intake of DMT like from plant medicine ceremonies like ayahuasca or mushrooms. Or you can go on a deep spiritual retreat or to an energy vortex and experienced an inner awakening with visions.

Mystical Experiences & Your Pineal

Mystical experiences, expanded spiritual experiences are behind door #1 - the pineal gland, the seat of your soul. In this podcast I share what creates mystical experiences and why your pineal is so key. Then I lead you into a 30 minute journey with your pineal. The Journey begins at 33 minutes and goes, with music, to 63 minutes.

Why awaken the Pineal?

This week on BlissLife Podcast we dive deeper into the Pineal gland, also called the 3rd eye throughout history. This gland is related to your spiritual connection, inner eye, and personal truth. It also regulates the most important hormones in your body, brings optimal health and higher consciousness and happier moods.

Ancient Healing Secrets of the Sun

All forms of gold contain life giving gold rays within the sun. Golden Spiritual Sunlight is an elixir of life, prosperity and personal power! Let’s bathe in it and rise above old patterns and fears! It has the power to break you free of the prisons in your mind that limit you.

Transformational Guidance Spirit Guide Journey

This week on BlissLife Podcast you will enjoy a Guided Inner Vision Experience Connecting with your Spirit Guides! Because this podcast is recorded for everyone to use, I won't be there to tell you or help you interpret the guidance that comes, as I do in private reading.

20/20 Inner Vision Awakening

2020 is a time of AWAKENING. 2020 is a time of CLARITY and TRANSPARENCY. 2020 means crystal clear vision! Vision might mean you connect to nature in a new way, or you begin to communicate with animals. It might mean you get clearer visions or dreams or you feel clearly guided in a decision or direction.

Return the Gifts

You agreed subconsciously, as part of your tribe, to participate in certain beliefs. You have played with them, lived them and now you can choose to keep them or give them back. They were a gift, and now you get to decide if they still benefit you. Give them back - unless they still empower you.

Cosmic Corridor Activation

Reuse this as often as you like through the next two weeks. Who you are being, what you were thinking, and how you were feeling, over the next week will have more impact on the foundation of the life you live in this next year than anything else you do this year.

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