The Spiritual Meaning of Getting Sick

The Spiritual Meaning of Getting Sick
What an incredible ride we are all on!

As I shared the other day, I have been going through this grand transformation in a deli and epic way with my own healing crises This year and especially this last week.

All the huge cosmic shifts, energy upgrades, societal breakdowns, and overall global metamorphosis that is happening are operating in each of us and on the planet at all levels of our being.

It’s time to take a deeper look at the “shamanic journey of the soul” we are in and what the deeper meanings really are.

We are multidimensional beings living in a multiverse.

We have layers and layers to our Soul, mind, body... and these all hold information, codes, and keys to your true purpose in this life and to this key moment for all.

So let’s start to pull back the veil and open up the wrapping of the old reality we have been simmering in and look deeper into what is really going on.

This week we will look at all the disease and illness going on and what is the spiritual meaning of getting sick.

It changes everything when you go through a painful, scary, or even life-threatening experience with a deeper understanding of what’s going on.

It can be an enlightening and profound experience that can catapult your personal evolution and healing.

I’m honored to be on this path with you.

In L’akech Ala Kin - we are one,

The Spiritual Meaning of  Getting Sick
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