Divine Healing For Challenging Times Akasha & Christopher Macklin Soul Purpose Awakening Series

BlissLife Global Healing Series 2 Soul Purpose Awakening with Christopher Macklin
BlissLife Global Healing Series #2 "Soul Purpose Awakening" with Christopher Macklin Divine Healing

Are you ready for a Divine healing? 
You will love this replay... and be aware - Dr. Christopher Macklin has great humor and a warm essence... AND he dives into the sticky conversation of the weaponized diseases (like COVID) and other things happening to keep you from raising your vibration and reconnecting to your Divine Alignment.

This was a fun, joyous and also very deep and healing experience and the replay is Premiering soon, so if you missed it live, get on to your special page (login info in PS below) or watch on my youtube.

Enjoy the cleansing healing he guides us through with the Melchizedek beings!! 
Christopher is a healer and has been healing people around the world for a long time. His newly formed Global Enlightenment Project’s mission is “an Open Mind, An Open heart and an Open Spirit meet Divine Healing”.
Replay is now available see details below and raise your vibration.
Dr. Christopher Macklin is a medical intuitive and healer, author, a paranormal conduit and a global spiritual messenger. He is a powerful channeling medium from England who utilizes Divine Healing techniques cultivated through Divine Knowledge from God and the spirit world to help people recover from all types of illness.
Dr. Christopher shares his projects and free weekly healings that help humanity at this pivotal point in its ascension to the fifth dimension. 
By utilizing the divine energy of the ascended masters and the angelic realm, Rev. Macklin offers tested protocols to successfully eradicate illness and open people to a higher vibration.

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Divine Healing For Challenging Times Akasha & Christopher Macklin Soul Purpose Awakening Series
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