The Galactic Council of Light Guidance with Jenny Schiltz and Akasha

The Galactic Council of Light Guidance with Jenny Schiltz and Akasha
BlissLife Global Healing Series 2 Soul Purpose Awakening with Jenny Schiltz

Jenny is a Quantum Multi-Dimensional Healer & Intuitive Guide. She works with the body’s energy to see where there is dysfunction and then work to release it. This can be trauma, beliefs, and programming from this life, past lives, the inner child, shadow aspects and even things that present as physical issues. She works within the Quantum field to unravel programming, limitations, and beliefs that keep people trapped and looping.  Helping people to see and understand why they do what they do, or why they feel a certain way. This acknowledgment and understanding of programming is the first step towards deep lasting change. She teaches people how to ease their energetic field, create healthy boundaries and open to their own highest aspect and abilities.

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